Convention Centre

Barisal Club proudly introduced one of  the largest event space for the first time in Barisal City in order to adjoin the flexibility in organizing personal, social and standard festivals as well as to develop this service industry.

Golam Mawla convention Centre 2

Convention Centre contains a massive standard halls arena to arrange the events successfully. We have the capacity to arrange wedding, conference, AGM, corporate seminar, Fashion expo, trade fair, exhibition and other customized programs. Besides, small programs like Mehedi, Birthday, Anniversary, Meeting and so on can also be arranged here at a reasonable price. 

There is also a Conference room for conference calls, board meetings, management discussions, and other major decision-making situations. Conference rooms help to make your meetings run more smoothly. They are quiet, private spaces where people feel happy sharing information and ideas.They also provide a comfortable and professional setting — so you can count on getting the most from your team and making the best possible impression.

For any kind of reservation:

Contact: +8801716754979


For more details please visit our office.