The Barisal Club Ltd. is one of the most reputed prehistoric club in the country. It is an ancient club of heritage in this subcontinent, established in the year 1864, which the historical symbol of Barisal known as Venis of Bangla. 

It was the first club of East Bengal established by the British East India Company. In the beginning it was known as the European Club. Now, the club total Land area 2.58 acre on Barisal City Corporation, club road, Barisal. The Barisal Club Ltd. is now under registered joint stock companies and firms as incorporate companies act 1994 on 06th may 2010. At present time 1000+ Life and Permanent members in this club.

The clubs enriched with ample modern facilities for all the members & which will fabricate best comradeship between affiliated club members in future time to come. It’s also establishing mutual reciprocal affiliations with some very good prestigious club in the country. For this regard, our beloved club members also offer affiliation with other reverent club & that will make a bridge to exchange sources of ideas, views and tradition. Barisal Club Limited is continuing for achieve glorious & modern development.