It is our immense pleasure to have a Directory of our own.  As you know that, this club is one of the oldest club undivided Bengal particularly the ancient one of the East Bengal. We the members of this club feel ourselves very much honor for being a member of this prestigious house. Barisal Club established in 1864 and with some proudest we can speak it out that it is a History. In the very inception it was known as the European Club. This Directory I am sure will create better understanding close relationship and brethren feelings among the members and their families. So that we can consolidate our efforts to reach to our target in making the club as a real family club. I would like to add that as the world is moving fast towards internet, SMS, e-mail and other easier modes of contact, but a club directory have very strong social value. It can be consider as a source of social information and heritage. We have requested all the Hon’ble Member to provide their update profile to include in the members Directory. Our request to you for your recent photograph telephone number, contact address and some other important information. We have incorporated all the information provided by members in the Directory. I want to give thanks all the members of the club regarding giving closer attention for the Directory what is a dream to us. I am grateful to all Directors of the club for their whole hearted co-operation in publishing the Directory. I also express my heartiest gratitude to the patrons who have assisted in getting the Directory published by way of giving advertisement.

 Finally, I wish you a very happy and prosperous life.