Overlooking the serene greenery of Ramna Park, Dhaka Club boasts of a nineteen room Guest House for members and visiting guests for short-term stay.

Guests can enjoy comfortable living accommodation offered by the 3 Star Standard attendant amenities. The facilities include regular room service, laundry on-call and access to the Guest House Business center. Every room comes equipped with a television, fridge, telephone and wireless access to the internet. Access to all club facilities including health club, swimming pool, tennis, squash etc. Tariff includes board and breakfast.

The Guest House Restaurant, located on the ground floor, offers an excellent venue for exclusive lunch, reception, cocktail and dinner occasions. The Restaurant seats fifty people in its warm environment with excellent furnishings.

Room Type:

        •  Royal Ramna Green Suite

        •  Deluxe

The current tariff for Members of these rooms is as follows:

        •  Royal Ramna Green Suite: Tk. 4500/- (Including Complimentary Breakfast)

        •  Deluxe: Tk.2500/- (Including Complimentary Breakfast)

The current tariff for Guests of these rooms is as follows:


        •  Royal Ramna Green Suite: Tk. 7475/- (Including Complimentary Breakfast)

        •  Deluxe: Tk.4600/- (Including Complimentary Breakfast)